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Sharon is passionate about helping to lift and ignite others to find and fulfil their purpose, to gain clarity & direction and to enjoy deeper, more connected lives through the assistance of coaching, ceremony, storytelling, Reiki and intuitive guidance.


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Sharon Jackson

Healer | Teacher | Writer

and Celebrant

Civil Marriage Celebrant, mother, biography writer, transitional coach and workshop facilitator.

A warm, friendly, patient and empathetic woman with a great sense of humour, Sharon is passionate about creating sacred ceremonies, wellness packages and safe spaces for people to express their authentic selves, to gain clarity and direction and to enjoy more harmonious and healthy lifestyles and relationships. 

Whether it be a funeral, a wedding, a naming day, or another ceremony, biography session, workshop or coaching package, Sharon offers grounded, organised and intentional support while you decide what is most important for the particular service, need or outcome you have in mind. 

With a natural ability to build trust and rapport, Sharon creates a confidential and insightful space for each of the services she provides.


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Certified Usui Reiki Workshop


"Sharon's healing and guiding is an absolute blessing. Her open, joyful and very wise heart will bring a lot of genuine light into your life. Her in-depth knowledge and experience in the animal spirit world is very astounding and always a great tool and helper.

Make sure to set a clear intention before each session to refine your benefits even more.

Sharon holds delightful space to heal, transmute and ascend for those who are willing to do the integration work. It's always a pleasure! Thank you for everything you bring to the world."

—  Jona A.


Sharon Jackson    |    seekthesoul33@gmail.com

Ringwood North, VIC 3134

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