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My Background

Ever since I was a young child I’ve had a love of learning, and a curiosity about what connects people to one another and to the world around us.

Early life experiences opened the door to the healing possibilities of visualisation and inner journey work. Years later, I was introduced to Reiki and shamanic practices, which have been an integral part of my healing journey and pursuit of clarity ever since - a journey that I’m now blessed enough to share with others.

In more recent years, my passion and natural aptitude for writing have made its way into my work in the way of ceremony writing as a Celebrant and biography/memoir writing in my position of Transitional Coach - part of which sees me aiding people and their families through deeply transformative times, including death - the transition from this plane to the next - and facilitating the healing that can occur through the sharing of stories.

Sharon Jackson, Marriage and Funeral Celebrant, Workshop Facilitator, Reiki Master Teacher, Support Worker specialising in mental health.

My Approach

My approach is to create a safe space where people feel comfortable opening up and exploring the intersection of their past and their inner workings. This process is different for everybody, and shifts depending on whether they're seeking healing, guidance or expression, but ultimately we work together to bring about peace of mind, clarity, acceptance and positive change.

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